Mobile Therapy Services
Occupational Therapy assessment and intervention services are available at your home, child's daycare and school. Our occupational therapist works alongside families and teachers to support your child's participation in everyday activities. These activities can include:
  • self-care
    toileting, dressing, toothbrushing, grooming, eating, sleep

  • childcare/school participation
    attention and problem solving, writing and craft, listening & following routines  
  • play
    pretend & social play, coordination & body awareness, making sense of emotional & sensory needs

Parents are welcome to refer their own child for an occupational therapy assessment. You can also talk to your teacher or health care provider about referring on your behalf and we will contact you (the parents) within 48 hours of receiving your details.

Your child's first session will last 1-2 hours and focus on gathering information about their unique developmental strengths and challenges. Following this, we will identify individual therapy ideas that address your family's goals and needs.

After your child's assessment, we will talk to you about whether follow-up sessions are recommended. Further sessions may involve direct therapy intervention with your child, talking with you about ideas and/or providing further education and resources. The frequency of follow-up sessions depends on your child and family's needs. You are welcome to book one session at a time, or schedule weekly/fortnightly sessions for the school term. We also offer intensive therapy blocks over the school holidays. 

If you have further queries, please refer to our FAQ or contact us and speak with Emma, our  occupational therapist.