Mealtime Support

Eating and sharing a family meal is a rewarding and wonderful experience, ..... that is, if you and your child enjoy eating a range of food including trying new flavours and textures. Learning to hold, bite, chew and swallow food is one of the most complex processes in a child's life. When children experience mealtime challenges, including fussy or problem feeding, family mealtimes can be stressful, chaotic and feel like a constant battle. 

Do these concerns sound familiar?
"She only eats custard, yoghurt, chips and bread",
"I can't get him to eat his veggies",
"I wish mealtimes weren't so stressful",
"Why won't he just sit at the table?"

Research suggests that for 5 to 10% of young children, these mealtime difficulties are more than just fussiness. They can have severe and long-lasting implications on nutrition, growth and development. When mealtime challenges seem too difficult to handle alone and families are feeling worried and stressed, it is important to seek support. 

Toot Toot Occupational Therapy can offer support for children who demonstrate any of the following:

  • Eat a limited range of food (i.e. less than 20) and/or refuse entire food groups 
  • Become distressed when new foods are introduced
  • Find it difficult to cope with family mealtimes rather than snacking throughout the day
  • Have trouble sitting and staying at the meal table
  • Need help to develop skills in using eating utensils and managing food packaging.

How can Toot Toot Occupational Therapy help you?

Our occupational therapist will visit your child at home, daycare or school to provide assessment and support relating to your family's unique concerns and mealtime goals, which may include:

  • Posture and seating for meals
  • Sensory processing preferences and their impact on eating
  • Developing age-appropriate self-feeding skills including utensil use
  • Guidance regarding mealtime behaviours including food refusal, avoidance or fussy eating

In partnership with AllSorts Developmental Services, we can also coordinate OT and Speech Pathology feeding services for children with additional concerns regarding their swallowing and/or oromotor skills. 

Please contact Emma, our occupational therapist, to discuss your specific concerns and how we can help.