Frequently asked questions

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how we can support your child's engagement in everyday activities.
  1. What is Toot Toot Occupational Therapy?
    Occupational therapy is a registered allied health profession aimed at "supporting health and participation in life through engagement in occupation" (AOTA, 2008). At Toot Toot Occupational Therapy our vision is to work with children and their families to enhance their ability to participate and enjoy everyday important activities including eating, playing and learning at home, school and in the community.
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  1. What is an occupational therapy assessment?
    Depending on the needs of your infant or child, an OT assessment may involve: - speaking with parents and teachers about concerns and goals - parent/teacher questionnaires - observing your child during specific tasks or routines such as moving their body, playing with others, self-care or table activities - the use of standardised tests/tools (if indicated)
  1. How can occupational therapy help at mealtimes?
    Occupational therapists use a variety of therapeutic techniques to help children reach their mealtime goals including: - systematic desensitization (providing "just right"challenges) - coaching of positive eating language and behaviours - adapting the mealtime structure or setting - providing strategies to teach specific skills (i.e. using cutlery) - exploring ways of helping your child stay calm, alert and enjoy learning about eating
  1. Do I need a referral from my doctor?
    No referral is needed to see an occupational therapist. Parents /guardians are welcome to call and make an appointment.
  1. What different funding options are available?
    Toot Toot Occupational Therapy is a registered provider for eligible children through the following funding schemes: - The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) - Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) Initiative - Better Start for Children with Disability (Better Start) Initiative - Chronic Diseases Management Plan - Autism Initiative - Pervasive Developmental Delay (PDD) - Private Health Insurance Please refer to the websites listed in "Important Links" on this page for further details regarding eligibility, and how to access and use these funding options. You are also welcome to contact us to discuss any questions.